Discretionary Portfolio Service

Our Discretionary Portfolio Management Service is designed to provide investment solutions tailored to your needs.

Thorntons Wealth work in partnership with Discretionary Managers who have many years of experience and we have a loyal following of clients throughout the UK. Each client has their own unique circumstances and goals, and they entrust us to provide a return which corresponds to their risk profile and their personal objectives.  

We deliver this for them through a calm and considered approach based on comprehensive research and years of experience.

What is a Discretionary Portfolio Management Service?

The service looks after your investments on your behalf. It’s managed by a Portfolio Manager (sometimes known as a discretionary fund manager or DFM) who is a specialist in creating and managing investment portfolios. They provide a hands-on approach to keep things on track.

Each portfolio is designed using details about your investment goals and attitude to risk. This investment portfolio then forms a key component of your overall financial plan.

Portfolio Managers have access to data across all investment types and explore the market in depth. All with a view to making your investments work harder for you.

How does it work?

Once we’ve taken you through the 6-step financial planning process to establish your financial goals, your Portfolio Manager will create an investment portfolio that carefully matches those goals.

They’ll create a bespoke portfolio for you that will take into account your attitude to risk and how your portfolio should perform in the context of your overall financial plan.

Your Portfolio Manager is always available to speak to you about your investments and the progress of your portfolio.

How does the Client Investment Manager work with our Financial Planners?

Your Financial Planner is responsible for ensuring that the portfolio is suitable for you. Your Portfolio Manager will proactively manage your portfolio on a day-to-day basis. They can make changes to your investments without having to seek permission each time, which means they can act quickly if they see an opportunity in the market.

You could think of it like this – your Financial Planner is the captain of the ship, but the Portfolio Manager is the navigator. By working together we deliver the best of all possible outcomes as your Financial Planner and your Portfolio Manager each focus on what they do best.

We never forget we’re dealing with your money, and making decisions which will affect your future.

What else can we help you with?

We deliver a calm and considered approach based on wisdom and experience.

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