Talk Money Week

6th - 10th November

Talk Money Week

Talk Money Week

This week Thorntons Wealth is supporting #TalkMoney Week, designed to get us all talking more about the pennies in our pocket, our thoughts and feelings around money, and how and where to get help if and when you need it.

Quite often, it’s just saying the words out loud that’s the hardest part. So, we’re asking you to Do One Thing to help take the first step: check the cost of living guides available on the MoneyHelper website.

Research shows that people who talk about money:

  • make better and less risky financial decisions
  • have stronger personal relationships
  • help their children form good lifetime money habits
  • feel less stressed or anxious and more in control

 Building money conversations into our everyday lives also helps us build financial confidence and resilience to face whatever the future throws at us.



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